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BOZRAH (bŏz'ra, Heb. bōtsrâh, sheepfold)

An important city of Edom, the residence of Jobab, one of Edom’s early kings (Gen.36.33). In Jer.49.13, Jer.49.22, where the approaching doom of Edom is given, Bozrah is especially mentioned, and in Amos.1.12 we read of its palaces. The place is identified as the modern village of “el-Busaireh,” i.e., “the little Bozrah,” a few miles SE of the Dead Sea near the road toward Petra. In Mic.2.12 the word is probably Bozrah, though it can be read as a common noun, i.e., “a sheepfold,” “sheep in a pen,” NIV.In Jer.48.24 the word refers to a town in Moab. It lies about 75 miles (125 km.) south of Damascus and was enlarged and beautified (c. a.d. 106) by Emperor Trajan who made it the capital of the province of Arabia.

2. A city of Moab (Jer 48:24), prob. identified with Bezer (q.v.).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(botsrah, "sheepfold"; Bosorrha, Bosor):

(1) The capital of Edom, a city of great antiquity (Ge 36:33; 1Ch 1:44; Isa 34:6; 63:1; Jer 49:13; Am 1:12). It may be identical with Buceirah, which lies about 7 miles Southwest of Tufileh, on the main road to Petra.

(2) A city in Moab mentioned in Jer 48:24. It is probably identical with Bezer, the city of refuge. It may be represented today by Qusur Bashair, which towers lie some 15 miles Southeast of Dibon. In this case Beth-gamul would be identical with Jemail, 8 miles East of Dibon, and Beth-meon with Ma`in, Southwest of Medebah.