BOZKATH, BOSCATH (bŏz'kăth). A city of Judah (Josh.15.39), the home of the maternal grandfather of King Josiah (2Kgs.22.1).

BOZKATH, bŏz’ kăth (בָּצְקַ֖ת. elevated, stony ground; KJV BOSCATH). A town of Judah in the Shephelah district near Lachish (Josh 15:39); the home of Josiah’s mother, Jedidah (2 Kings 22:1).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A town in the Shephelah of Judah named between Lachish and Eglon (Jos 15:39). It was the birthplace of Adaiah the mother of King Josiah (2Ki 22:1; the King James Version "Boscath"). The site is not identified.