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BOHAN (bō'hăn). A descendant of Reuben after whom a stone was named (Josh.15.6; Josh.18.17). The stone was on the boundary between the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and was NW of the northern end of the Dead Sea and NE of Jerusalem.

BOHAN bō’ hǎn (בֹּ֖הַן, meaning uncertain; covering, closing or thumb have been suggested) A NE boundary marker stone between Judah and Benjamin near Jericho (Joshua 15:6; 18:17).

The presence of this stone of Bohan, who is called the son of Reuben, might imply that at one time descendants of the tribe of Reuben temporarily inhabited the NE corner of the territory of Judah before the final boundary settlements were made by Joshua.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A son of Reuben according to Jos 15:6; 18:17. No mention is made of Bohan in the genealogies of Reuben. "The stone of Bohan" (’ebhen bohan) was a boundary mark on the Northeast frontier of Judah, separating it from Benjamin. Site unidentified.