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BIDKAR (bĭd'kar). A military officer of Israel who joined Jehu in his revolt and was made his captain (2Kgs.9.25). He cast the body of Joram, king of Israel, into the plot of Naboth’s vineyard, after Jehu had killed him.

BIDKAR bĭd’ kär (בִּדְקַר, son of piercing [?]). A military officer of Israel who sided with Jehu in his revolt and became a captain (2 Kings 9:25). He was Jehu’s charioteer at the slaying of Joram.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(bidhqar; "son of Deker" (?); compare HPN, 69): A captain in the service of Jehu, formerly his fellow-officer (2Ki 9:25).