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BETH-ZAITH bĕth zā’ ĭth (Βηθζαίθ, house of olive) KJV BEZETH, bē’ zĕth. The place where Bacchides, one of Demetrius’ generals, slaughtered many Jews in the Maccabean War (1 Macc 7:19). When enemies of the Maccabees accused Judas and his friends of evil against Demetrius, Demetrius chose Bacchides to take vengeance on Israel. Bacchides deceived Judah into trusting him and slew sixty of those who went over to him from Jerusalem. After this he went to Beth-zaith and slaughtered many more, casting them into a pit. The site is identified with modern Beit-Zeita, four and one-half m. SW of Bethlehem near Beth-zur.