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Beth Rehob

BETH REHOB (bĕth' rē'hŏb, Heb. bêth rehôv, house of Rechob). An Aramean town and district near the valley containing the town Laish or Dan (Judg.18.28). Probably to be identified with Rehob (Num.13.21), the northern limit of the spies’ search. The Ammonites, having needlessly provoked David, hired the men of Beth Rehob in a futile defense against David’s attack (2Sam.10.1-2Sam.10.19). It is thought to be the modern Hunin, site of the Crusaders’ castle-fortress commanding the Huleh plain.

BETH-REHOB bĕth re’ hŏb (בֵּית־רְחֹ֜וב, place of street). An Aramean town or district near Laish (Dan) in the extreme N of Pal. (Judg 18:28). It is prob. identified with Rehob of Numbers 13:21, the northern limit of the spies’ inspection of Canaan. It was associated with Zobah when the Ammonites hired Syrians of these districts to fight against David (2 Sam 10:6).

It has been conjecturally identified with modern Banias, five m. NE of Dan and with Hunin, W of Banias, but archeologically there is no confirmation. Others have located the site below Zobah, some twenty-five m. NE of Dan. The exact location remains uncertain.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(beth-rechobh; ho oikos Rhaab) : An Aramean town and district which, along with Zobah and Maacah, assisted Ammon against David (2Sa 10:6,8, Rehob). It is probably identical with Rehob (Nu 13:21), the northern limit of the spies’ journey. Laish-Da (probably Tell el-Kadi) was situated near it (Jud 18:28). The site of the town is unknown. It has been conjecturally identified with Hunin, West of Banias, and, more plausibly, with Banias itself (Thomson, The Land and the Book (2), 218; Buhl, Geog., 240; Moore, ICC, Jgs, 399).

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