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Beth Marcaboth

BETH MARCABOTH (bĕth' mar'ka-bŏth, Heb. bêth ha-markāvōth, the house of chariots). A town of Simeon in the extreme south of Judah (Josh.19.5; 1Chr.4.31). Possibly one of the cities that Solomon built for his chariots (1Kgs.9.19).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Mentioned along with Hazar-susah, "the station of horses" (Jos 19:5; 1Ch 4:31) as cities in the Negeb near Ziklag. It is tempting to connect these stations with "the cities for his chariots, and the cities for his horsemen" which Solomon built (1Ki 9:19; compare 1Ki 10:26). The site of Beth-marcaboth has not been identified, but Guerin (La Terre Sainte. Jerusalem et le Nord de la Judee, II, 230) suggests Khan Yunas , Southwest of Gaza, as a suitable chariot city.