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Beth Baal Meon

BETH BAAL MEON (bĕth' bā'al mē'ŏn, Heb. bêth ba‘al me‘ôn, house of Baal Meon). A place in the territory assigned to Reuben, east of the Jordan (Josh.13.17). This is the same as Baal Meon (Num.32.38) and Beon (Num.32.3). Jeremiah speaks of it as belonging to Moab (Jer.48.23), confirmed by the appearance of this name on the Moabite Stone. Identified today with the ruins of Ma‘in in northern Moab.

BETH-BAAL-MEON bĕth’ bāl me’ ŏn (Heb. בֵ֖ית בַּ֥עַל מְעֹֽון), a town first belonging to Reuben and later falling to Moab (Josh 13:17). It is mentioned by Mesha of Moab in his stele along with Beth-Diblathaim (q.v.). Variations of the name are: Beth-meon (Jer 48:23); Ba’al-meon (Num 32:38; 1 Chron 5:8; Ezek 25:9) and Be’on (Num 32:3). The site is identified as modern Mā'în, six m. SW of Madeba.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(Jos 13:17).

See Baal-meon.