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Beth Anoth

BETH ANOTH (bĕth' ā'nŏth, house of Anoth). A town in the hill country of Judea (Josh.15.59). The name derives from Anoth, goddess of the Canaanites.

BETH-ANOTH bĕth’ ā’ nŏth (Heb. בֵית־עֲנֹ֖ות, “house (shrine) of Anat(s),” a village mentioned in the list of cities belonging to Judah (Josh 15:59). Probably an archaic Canaanite altar and shrine, possibly mentioned in some Egyp. documents in lists of W. Palestinian towns. It was situated in the district of Beth-Zur, the modern Khirbet Beit ’Ainun near Ḥalḥul.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The ruin of Beit `Ainun, 1 1/2 miles Southeast of Halhul, in the neighborhood also of Bethzur and Gedor--places mentioned in association with it as towns in the hill country of Judah--appears to be a probable site. The present surface ruins belong to later ages.