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Beriah, Beriites

BERIAH, BERIITES bĭ rī’ ə, bĭ rī’ īts (בְּרִיעִֽי). 1. A son of Asher and the father of Heber and Malchiel (Gen 46:17); the ancestral head of the family of the Beriites (Num 26:44).

2. A son of Ephraim, called Beriah by his father because trouble had fallen upon his house (1 Chron 7:23). Four other sons of Ephraim were put to death by the men of Gath while cattle raiding.

3. A son of Elpaal, a Benjamite of Aijalon, who helped put to flight the inhabitants of Gath (1 Chron 8:13, 16).

4. A Levite, son of Shimei the Gershomite; both he and his brother Jeush had few sons, and “therefore they became a father’s house in one reckoning” (1 Chron 23:10, 11).