Ben Geber

BEN-GEBER (bĕn-gē'be*chr; “son of Geber” in jb, kjv, and mlb). One of twelve officers, each responsible to supply food one month each year for king Solomon’s household (1Kgs.4.13).

BEN GEBER bĕn ge’ bər (בֶּנ־גֶּ֖בֶר, son of Geber). One of Solomon’s twelve administrative officers handling the sixth district in the northern part of Trans-Jordan with Ramoth-gilead as its capital (1 Kings 4:13); formerly Manasseh and later what remained of David’s Aramaean conquests. Albright, Montgomery, et al., hold that Geber, son of Uri in 1 Kings 4:19 is a variant of Ben Geber in v. 13 since both are prefects of Gilead; if one follows however, the LXX of B and Codex Lagardiana, v. 19 is the territory of Gad and not Gilead. Since five of the twelve named are known only by their patronymic, “son of X,” Albright suggested that the redactor had in front of him an old document whose edge was damaged and thus accounting for the absence of the five personal names. R. deVaux, however, points to the administration lists from Ugarit where the patronymic designation is used alone for certain families. Further, Uri cannot be the name in v. 13, for this still would require a transposition of the order of words in v. 19.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the twelve commissariat officers in the service of Solomon (1Ki 4:13).