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BARSABAS bär sə’ bəs (KJV), BARSABBAS bär săb’ əs (RSV) (Βαρσαββα̂ς, G984, son of Saba, or son of the sabbath, etc.). A patronymic of two early Jewish Christians, possibly brothers. 1. Joseph, surnamed Justus, one of the two men nominated to succeed Judas in the apostolic band (Acts 1:23). The qualifications required show that he had a close acquaintance with Jesus.

2. Judas, sent to Antioch with Silas with the decision of the Jerusalem conference (15:22). He was an esteemed member at Jerusalem and a prophet (15:32).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

bar’-sa-bas, bar-sab’-as.

See Joseph Barsabbas; Judas Barsabbas.