Baal Perazim

BAAL PERAZIM (bā'ăl pē-rā'zĭm, Heb. ba‘al perātsîm, Baal of the breaking through). A place near the Valley of Rephaim where David had a great God-given victory over the Philistines (2Sam.5.18-2Sam.5.20; 1Chr.14.9-1Chr.14.11).

BAAL-PERAZIM bāl pĭ rā’ zĭm (בַּֽעַל־פְּרָצִים, possessor of breaches or Baal of Perazim). A name given to the place where David smote the Philistines after he was made the king of Israel (2 Sam 5:20; 1 Chron 14:11). David so named the place because the Lord broke (פָּרַץ, H7287) his enemies before him there. Although the exact site is not known, two locations are suggested, both near Jerusalem. One is the modern Sheikh Bedr NW of Jerusalem; and the other is in the valley of Rephaim SW of Jerusalem.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ba-al-pe-ra’-zim, ba-al-per’-azim ba`al peratsim; Baal’pharasein, ("the lord of breakings through"): The spot in or near the Valley of Rephaim where David obtained a signal victory over the Philistines; it was higher than Jerusalem for David asked, "Shall I go up against the Philis?" (2Sa 5:20; 1Ch 14:11). The exact site is unknown, but if the Vale of Rephaim is el Beka`a, the open valley between Jerusalem and Mar Elias, then Baal-perazim would probably be the mountains to the East near what is called the "Mount of Evil Counsel" (see Jerusalem). The Mount Perazim of Isa 28:21 would appear to be the same spot.

Additional Material

PERAZIM (mount) pĕ rā’ zĭm (הַר־פְּרָצִים, mountain of breaches; LXX ὄρος ἀσεβω̂ν, mountain of ungodliness). A mountain mentioned by Isaiah (28:21) to illustrate God’s rising against the scoffers in Jerusalem. Perhaps it is the Baal-perazim of 2 Samuel 5:20 and 1 Chronicles 14:11.