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Baal Peor

BAAL PEOR (bā'ăl pē'ôr, Heb. ba‘al pe‘ôr, Baal of Peor). A Moabite deity, probably Chemosh, worshiped on the top of Mount Peor. The Israelites, when encamped at Shittim, were induced by Moabite women to the worship of this deity and were severely punished by God as a result (Num.25.1-Num.25.9; Ps.106.28; Hos.9.10).

BAAL-PEOR bāl pe’ ôr (בַּ֥עַל פְּעֹֽור, Baal of Peor). The god worshipped in Moab by Israel at the instigation of Balaam while the Israelites were encamped at Shittim (Num 25:3ff.). All such worshipers were destroyed by God out of Israel (Deut 4:3). The heinous nature of their sin was not soon forgotten as both the psalmist and the prophet recalled it later to Israel (Ps 106:28; Hos 9:10). In the latter passage, the idol is called “shameful” and their action “abominable.” Probably licentious practice with the women of Moab was involved in the worship. He was a local deity of Mt. Peor but presumably related to the Phoen. Baal.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ba-al-pe’-or. See Baal. (1).

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