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Baal Hermon

BAAL HERMON (bā'ăl hûr'mŏn, Baal of Hermon). A town or place near Mount Hermon marking the NW limit of the half-tribe of Manasseh east of the Jordan (Judg.3.3; 1Chr.5.23).

BAAL-HERMON bāl hûr’ mən (בַּ֣עַל חֶרְמֹ֔ון The Lord of Hermon). A place opposite to the entrance of Hamath, where the Hivites dwelt whom God had left to test Israel (Judg 3:3). It was used also to identify the border of Manasseh with Bashan and Mt. Hermon (1 Chron 5:23). Although the exact site is unknown, it was in Trans-Jordan on the slopes of Mt. Hermon. Baal-God is sometimes identified with it. It was undoubtedly a seat of the worship of Baal.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ba`al chermon; Baal Ermon: Baalgad under Mount Hermon is described as "toward the sunrising" in Jos 13:5. If Mount Lebanon proper is here intended the reading may be taken as correct. But in Jud 3:3 Baal-gad is replaced by Baal-hermon. One or the other must be due to a scribal error. The Baal-hermon of 1Ch 5:23 lay somewhere East of the Jordan, near to Mount Hermon. It may possibly be identical with Banias.