Baal Gad

BAAL GAD (bā'ăl găd, Gad is Baal). A place in the Valley of Lebanon at the foot of Mount Hermon that marked the northern limit of Israel’s conquest of Canaan (Josh.11.17; Josh.12.7; Josh.13.5). Its site is unknown.

BAAL-GAD bāl găd’ (בַּ֤עַל גָּד, Baal of Fortune). This place was the northern extremity of Joshua’s conquests (Josh 11:17; 12:7; 13:5). The exact location is unknown, but it is somewhere between Mt. Lebanon and Mt. Hermon prob. near the modern town of Hāsbeiya. The site should be near the Damascus road on the NW slope of Mt. Hermon. Tell haush, seven and a half m. N of Hasbeiya has been identified as a possible site.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ba`al gadh; Balagada, Balgad: Joshua in his conquest reached as far north as `Baal-gad in the valley’ of Lebanon, under Mount Hermon (Jos 11:17). This definitely locates it in the valley between the Lebanons, to the West or Northwest of Hermon. It must not be confused with Baal-hermon. Conder thinks it may be represented by `Ain Jedeideh.