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AZARIAH (ăz'a-rī'a, Heb. ‘ăzaryahu, Jehovah has helped)

2. A son of Zadok, a priest during Solomon’s reign (1 Kings 4:2; 1 Chron 6:10).

3. The son of Nathan, an official in the court of Solomon, and possibly his nephew (1 Kings 4:5).

4. The son of Ethan, a descendant of Judah (1 Chron 2:8).

5. The son of Jehu (1 Chron 2:38, 39).

6. The son of Ahimaaz, a priest in Solomon’s court, whose father was a friend of David (1 Chron 6:9; 2 Sam 15:36; 17:17ff.). Possibly identical with No. 2.

7. The son of Johanan, and grandson of No. 6 (1 Chron 6:10).

8. The son of Hilkiah, a priest of the Exile (1 Chron 6:13, 14; 9:11).

9. The son of Zephaniah (1 Chron 6:36).

10. The son of Oded, a prophet during the reign of Asa, who inspired the king to destroy the idols and to renew the Temple worship (2 Chron 15:1-15).

11. The son of Jehoshaphat who was killed by his brother Jehoram when the latter succeeded to the throne of Judah (2 Chron 21:2, 4).

12. The son of Jeroham, a commander in the Judean army under Athaliah, who participated in the coup that enthroned Josiah (2 Chron 23:1).

13. The son of Obed, another commander and a colleague of No. 12 (2 Chron 23:1).

14. The chief priest under King Uzziah, who protested the king’s intrusion into the priest’s office. His priesthood extended into the reign of Hezekiah (2 Chron 26:17, 20; 31:10).

15. The son of Johanan, a leader in Ephraim, who protested against the capture of Judeans by the army of Ephraim, supplied them with food and clothing, and released them (2 Chron 28:12).

16. A Kohathite (2 Chron 29:12).

17. The son of Jehalelel, a Levite (2 Chron 29:12).

18. The high priest under Hezekiah (2 Chron 31:10, 13). Probably identical with No. 14.

19. The son of Hilkiah, the grandfather of Ezra (Ezra 7:1; see 1 Chron 9:11).

20. The son of Meraioth, an ancestor of Ezra (Ezra 7:3).

21. The son of Maaseiah, a householder in Jerusalem, who assisted Nehemiah in building the wall (Neh 3:23).

22. A companion of Zerubbabel in the return from exile (Neh 7:7).

23. A supporter of Ezra, a Levite, who assisted in interpreting the law (Neh 8:7).

24. A signer of Nehemiah’s covenant (Neh 10:2).

25. A participant in the dedication of the rebuilt wall of Jerusalem (Neh 12:32).

26. The son of Hoshaiah, one of the group who opposed Jeremiah’s counsel (Jer 42:1; 43:2).

27. One of Daniel’s three companions, renamed Abednego, whom Nebuchadnezzar condemned to the fiery furnace (Dan 1:6, 7, 11, 19; 2:17; 3:12-30).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

`azaryahu and `azaryah, ("Yahweh has helped"):

(1) King of Judah. See Uzziah.

(2) A Judahite of the house of Ethan the Wise (1Ch 2:8).

(3) The son of Jehu, descended from an Egyptian through the daughter of Sheshan (1Ch 2:38).

(4) A son of Ahimaaz and grandson of Zadok (1Ch 6:9).

(5) A son of Zadok the high priest and an official of Solomon (1Ki 4:2).

(6) A high priest and son of Johanan (1Ch 6:10).

(7) A Levite, ancestor of Samuel, and Heman the singer (1Ch 6:36).

(8) A son of Nathan and captain of Solomon’s tax collectors (1Ki 4:5).

(9) A prophet in the reign of King Asa; his father’s name was Oded (2Ch 15:1-8).

(10 and 11) Two sons of Jehoshaphat, king of Judah (2Ch 21:2).

(12) King of Judah (2Ch 22:6, called Ahaziah in 2Ch 22:1).

(13) A son of Jeroham, who helped to overthrow Athaliah, and place Joash on the throne (2Ch 23:1).

(14) A son of Johanan and a leading man of Ephraim, mentioned in connection with the emancipated captives taken by Pekah (2Ch 28:12).

(15) A Levite of the family of Merari, who took part in cleansing the temple in the days of Hezekiah (2Ch 29:12).

(16) A high priest who rebuked King Uzziah for arrogating to himself priestly functions (2Ch 26:16-20).

(17) The father of Seraiah and son of Hilkiah (1Ch 6:13f).

(18) A son of Hoshaiah, and a bitter enemy of Jeremiah (Jer 43:2ff).

(19) One of the royal captives taken to Babylon, whose name was changed to Abed-nego (Da 1:7).

(20) The son of Maaseiah, who helped repair the walls of Jerusalem (Ne 3:23f).

(21) A Levite who assisted Ezra to expound the Law (Ne 8:7).

(22) A priest who sealed the covenant (Ne 10:2).

(23) A prince of Judah mentioned in connection with the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem (Ne 12:32f).

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