AVVA (ăv'va). A region in Assyria from which Sargon brought people to populate devastated Samaria (2Kgs.17.24), thought by some to be the Ivvah of 2Kgs.18.34. The people who were brought in worshiped the gods Nibhaz and Tartak (2Kgs.17.31).

AVVA ăv’ ə (עַוָּ֤א, LXX Αια), KJV AVA. A city conquered in the 8th cent. b.c. by Sargon of Assyria (2 Kings 17:24). It is almost certainly identical with Ivvah (q.v.). The consonantal text gives ’wh in both cases, the variation between a (’awwâ) and i (’iwwâ) being a later Masoretic interpretation. Though various suggestions have been made, the site, prob. in Syria, is unidentified.


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