Atroth Shophan

ATROTH SHOPHAN (ăt'rŏth shō'făn). A town the tribe of Gad built and fortified east of Jordan (Num.32.35). The KJV reading (“Atroth, Shophan”) may imply two towns.

ATROTH-SHOPHAN ăt’ rŏth shō’ făn (עַטְרֹ֥ת שׁוֹפָ֛ן). A city of the Gadites built in the territory conquered from Sihon (Num 32:35). The RSV and ASV have ATROTH-SHOPHAN. KJV has ATROTH, SHOPHAN, as though two places are meant.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

`Troth shophan; Septuagint gen sophan: A town built or fortified by the children of Gad East of the Jordan (Nu 32:35), named next to Aroer. If it had been at Khirbet `Attarus or Jebel `Attarus (HDB and EB, under the word) Aroer would hardly have been named between them. The King James Version reads Atroth, Shophah, understanding that two places are named. No identification is yet possible.