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ASHBEA (ăsh'bē-a). Head of a family in Judah that worked in fine linen (1Chr.4.21). He was a descendant of Shelah. In NIV and RSV it is the name of the place where this family lived, Beth Ashbea.

ASHBEA ăsh’ bĭ ə (אַשְׁבֵּֽעַ). KJV proper name applied to a family of linen workers mentioned in KJV, ASV, 1 Chronicles 4:21. In the RSV it is the name of a place, BETH-ASHBEA, where this family lived. Nothing is known of such a place, nor is this family referred to elsewhere.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ash’-be-a, ash-be’-a (’ashbea`): "The house of Ashbea," a family of linen-workers mentioned in 1Ch 4:21. We might render beth ’ashbea` as their dwelling-place; nothing is known of such a place nor is this house of weavers referred to in any other place.