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ASHAN (ā’shăn). A town in the tribe of Judah, later given to Simeon because Judah’s territory was too large, then given to the priests (Josh.15.42; Josh.19.7; 1Chr.4.32; 1Chr.6.59). This was one of about a dozen towns mentioned in the lists of both Judah and Simeon, as the boundary was indistinct and the territories overlapped.

Ashan was originally assigned to Judah (Josh 15:42). Later it was either transferred to Simeon or considered a border town on the boundary line of both tribes (19:7), and was finally designated a Levitical city of refuge (21:16; 1 Chron 6:59). Here David roamed with his outlaw band (1 Sam 30:30). Ashan is identified with modern Khirbet ’Asan c. one and one-half m. NW of Beer-sheba.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

An unknown site in the domain of Judah (Jos 15:42), possessed by Simeon (Jos 19:7), and mentioned among the priests’ cities in 1Ch 6:59. (44) = Jos 21:16 (`ayin is a corruption of `ashan). Chorashan (or Borashan), which was probably the site of some reservoir in the Southwest part of Judah (1Sa 30:30), is the same as Ashan.