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ARPACHSHAD är păk’ shăd (אַרְפַּכְשַׁ֖ד; NT ARPHAXAD är făk’ săd). One of the sons of Shem (Gen 10:22-11:13; 1 Chron 1:17-24; Luke 3:36). He was the grandfather of Eber who is considered by some to be the eponymous ancestor of the Hebrews. The birth of Arpachshad is the first recorded birth after the Flood.

Many suggestions have been made concerning the nation of which he was the progenitor. The terminal letters (ksd) suggest to some the Kasdim or Chaldeans. Others identify the name with Arraphka in Assyria.

The first suggestion has merit since Assyria is already represented in the table of nations in the person of Asshur (Gen 10:22). If Arpachshad is regarded as the progenitor of the Assyrians, the Chaldeans would not be represented in the table of nations.

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