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Arnobius Junior

FIFTH CENTURY. Attested only by his writings from Rome in the fifth century, his biblical works were allegorical commentaries on the Psalms (criticizing predestination at Psalm 108) and scholia on gospel texts. About 440 he wrote Praedestinatus, in which he catalogues ninety heresies largely described in Augustine's De Haeresibus, including Pelagians, Nestorians, and the Praedestinati.* The views of the last are reviewed in a sermon circulating falsely under the name of Augustine; in the end the author refutes them. After 454 Arnobius wrote The Conflict of Arnobius the Catholic with the Egyptian Serapion, in which he refutes Sabellian, Arian, and Pelagian views and defends the Leonine doctrine of the Two Natures. He gives the writings of Augustine* the respect due to the Scriptures. About 440 he probably represented anti- Augustinian moderates supporting Julian of Eclanum.