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ARD, ARDITE (ard, ar'dīt). Ard is listed as a son of Benjamin in Gen.46.21, but as a son of Bela, son of Benjamin, in Num.26.40; the latter reference mentions also “the Ardite clan.” Ard is called Addar (with the Hebrew consonants transposed) in 1Chr.8.3.

ARD ärd (אַ֣רְדְּ). A son of Benjamin in Genesis 46:21, but in Numbers 26:40 and 1 Chronicles 8:3, his grandson. In Genesis 46:21 ten sons of Benjamin are named. In Numbers 26:38, 39 five sons are listed, and in the next v. (40) Ard is named a son of Bela.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Either directly or more remotely a son of Benjamin. Nu 26:38-40 mentions five sons of Benjamin, together with Ard and Naaman, the sons of Bela, Benjamin’s oldest son, counting all seven as ancestors of Benjamite families. In 1Ch 8:1-3 Addar and Naaman are mentioned, with others, as sons of Bela, Addar and Ard being apparently the same name with the consonants transposed. In Ge 46:21 ten sons of Benjamin are counted, including at least the three grandsons, Ard and Naaman and Gera.