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Archibald Campbell

1598?-1661. First marquis of Argyll, and Covenanter.* At first adviser and strong supporter of Charles I (who in 1641 was to promote him from earl to marquis), he signed the National Covenant,* fought strongly against the king, but deplored his execution, and was a principal participant in Charles II's coronation at Scone on New Year's Day 1651. Nevertheless, he acquiesced in Cromwell's Commonwealth, and after the Restoration (1660) was arraigned for high treason. Charles II (who resented Argyll's strictures on his immoral life) determined his fate, and the young advocates who had defended the marquis were bullied and harassed. On receiving the sentence, Argyll said: “I had the honour to set the crown upon the king's head, and now he hastens me away to a better crown than his own.” With his beheading in Edinburgh the killing of Covenanters began.