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Apocalypse of James

JAMES, APOCALYPSE OF. Two documents under this title are contained in Codex V of the Nag Hammadi library. The Apocryphon of James in the Jung Codex is a distinct and separate work (see NTAp, I. 333ff.). The first apocalypse takes the form of a dialogue between James and Jesus, the first part of which falls before the Passion, the second after the Resurrection. The second apocalypse is formally a speech delivered by James prior to his martyrdom, including an account of an appearance of Jesus and the revelation given by Him. Part of the interest of these texts lies in the link that they provide between Gnosticism and the Jewish Christianity that gave so high a place to James.


Text in Koptisch-gnostische Apokalypsen aus Codex V von Nag Hammadi, ed. Böhlig and Labib (1963); See also Wilson. Gnosis and the New Testament (1968), 133ff.; For the Apocryphon of James see Malinine et al., Epistula Jacobi Apocrypha (1968).