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A priest from Sicca Veneria in Proconsular Africa, he is a test case for relations between the African and Roman churches in the fifth century. Excommunicated and deposed by the pro-Augustinian diocesan Urbanus, Apiarius appealed to Zosimus of Rome (417-19), who demanded his reinstatement by the African bishop (Council of Carthage, 418) on the basis of canons of the Western Council of Sardica (343) which, he claimed, were Nicene. The Africans after inquiry to the East failed to find them among Nicene canons, Apiarius confessed, and the case was closed. Excommunicated later for offenses at Tabraca, Apiarius appealed to Celestine of Rome (422-32), who ordered him restored. At another Council of Carthage (424), Apiarius confessed and the African bishops asserted their right to judge their affairs exclusively, while conceding to Rome primacy of honor.