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APELLES (a-pĕl'ēz, Gr. Apellēs). An approved Christian at Rome to whom Paul sent a greeting (Rom.16.10).

APELLES ə pĕl’ ĭz (̓Απελλη̂ς, G593). A Christian in Rome to whom Paul sent greetings, referring to him as one who was “approved in Christ” (Rom 16:10). The reason for the approval is not given, but it is clear that Apelles had been tested and found faithful. The name was a common one among Jews at Rome. The Rom. poet Horace mentioned an Apelles (Satires I. 5. 100).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A Christian at Rome to whom Paul sends greetings (Ro 16:10). He is described by Paul as "the, approved in Christ," i.e. "that approved Christian" (Denney). In some way unknown to us Apelles had been tested and he had proved faithful (compare Jas 1:12; 2Ti 2:15). It is a common name. Many commentators refer to Horace (Satires, i.5.100): "Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego."