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ANTI-LEBANON ăn’ tə lĕb’ ă nŏn לְּבָנוֹן; LXX Σανἰρ; ̓Αντιλίβανος; Vul. Anti-Libanus; white). A mountain range E of the Lebanon range itself and roughly equal to it in length and height. The southernmost peak is Mt. Hermon rising to over 9,000 ft. Scriptural terms are Sirion (Ps 29:6), S(h)enir (Deut 3:9) and “Lebanon toward the sunrising” (Josh 13:5). However, Lebanon by itself may designate both ranges or even Anti-Lebanon by itself and sometimes Senir does not include Mt. Hermon (1 Chron 5:23; Song of Solomon). The Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon ranges provide the major source for the Jordan and other rivers. See Lebanon.


HGHL (193125), passim; GTT (1959), passim.

ANTILIBANUS ăn’ tĭ lĭb’ ə nəs. The classical Lat. term used consistently for the eastern, Anti-Lebanon range of mountains. Thus, the Vul. term serving for the Biblical Anti-Lebanon. See Anti-lebanon.

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