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Anselm of Laon

d.1117. A famous Schoolman known as the “Doctor Scholasticus.” He was educated at Bec under Anselm of Canterbury. From 1076 he taught in Paris where his pupils included William of Champeaux and then, towards the end of the century, with his brother Ralph established a renowned school at Laon. Its celebrity was sufficient to attract Abelard as a pupil and, though Abelard had a low estimate of his teacher, it is now clear that Anselm did much to develop the quaestio-the setting up of opposing authorities and attempting to reconcile them-which became the standard method of later thinkers, including Abelard's Sic et Non. Also very important was Anselm's contribution to biblical exegesis in terms of commentary glosses. He was responsible for part of the exegetical work Glossa Interlinearis.