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Radical Arians. Led by Aetius* and Eunomius (see Eunomianism) in the period 357-61, they held that the Son is unlike (Gr. anomoios) the Father. Aetius maintained “unlikeness” consistently and later influenced the Pneumatomachi, who excluded the Son and the Spirit from the Godhead. Other Anomoeans, however, such as Eudoxius of Antioch and Acacius, supported the Creeds of Sirmium (357) and of Constantinople (360) which excluded “substance” (ousia) from its formulae but affirmed that the Son is like the Father. Aetius was excommunicated by this group in 361, but according to the historian Socrates some of these reverted to Aetian views, interpreting “God from God” in the sense that all things are from God. Anomoeans were anathematized at the Council of Constantinople in 381.

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