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1665-1714. Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from 1702. Second daughter of James II, she was brought up as a Protestant member of the Church of England and was married in 1683 to the Lutheran Prince George of Denmark. She differed from her family, who adopted Roman Catholicism. Under the influence of Sarah Churchill (later the duchess of Marlborough) she did not follow her family into exile in 1689. As a result she succeeded William III to the throne in 1702. Anne supported the High Church party in the Church of England. Her appointments to the episcopal bench replaced Latitudinarians with High Church bishops. By 1710 her ecclesiastical policy led to the overthrow of the Whig party in the state, of which the fall of Marlborough was a sign. The creation of “Queen Anne's Bounty” was typical of her great loyalty to the Church of England. The reverse side of this loyalty appeared in the growing intolerance shown to the Dissenters during the short-lived supremacy of the Tories in the last years of her reign. The brevity of her support of the High Church party and her failure to produce an heir meant that her policy died with her.