ANKLE (אֹ֫פֶס, H701, σφυδρόν, G5383). Spelled ancle in older edd. of the KJV. A word used only once in each testament: Ezekiel 47:3, where the prophet is shown water ankle-deep issuing from the Temple; and Acts 3:7, where Luke records that the feet and ankles of the man healed by Peter “were made strong.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

From Hebrew me’aphecayim literally, "water of ankles," i.e. shallow water (Eze 47:3); "anklebones" (Ac 3:7) from sphudron "ankle chains" (the King James Version "chains"), from a Hebrew root meaning "to walk about proudly" (Nu 31:50). The same Hebrew word is translated "bracelet" (2Sa 1:10), but in Isa 3:20 another word from the same root "ankle chains" (the King James Version "ornaments of the legs"). Compare ANKLET (Isa 3:18).