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Andrew Harvey Argue

1868-1959. Pioneer of Pentecostalism and evangelist in Canada. Born in Ontario of a line of Methodist lay preachers, beginning with George Argue who went to Canada from Ireland in 1821, he was a successful young businessman in Winnipeg when he came under the influence of such holiness teachers as A.B. Simpson.* Thus when news of a “Pentecostal” revival in California (1906) and Chicago (1907) reached him, he went to Chicago to investigate. There he received an ecstatic religious experience including “tongues-speaking” which he interpreted as “the baptism of the Holy Spirit.” He became an apostle of this Pentecostal experience: first opening a mission in Winnipeg, which grew to be one of the largest Pentecostal churches in Canada, then touring Canada and the USA to conduct large revivals and to establish churches. In 1908 he published The Apostolic Messenger, known later as The Revival Broadcast.