ANATH (ā'năth, Heb. ‘ănāth). Father of Shamgar, third judge after Joshua (Judg.3.31; Judg.5.6).

ANATH, ā’ năth (עֲנָ֔ת). The father of Shamgar, who was one of the judges in Israel (Judg 3:31; 5:6). Anath was the name of the goddess of war at Ugarit. She was believed to be the sister and wife of Baal.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Father of Shamgar (Jud 3:31; 5:6). This name is connected with the Phoenician and Canaanite goddess `Anat, which was also worshipped in Egypt. She is mentioned in monuments of the 18th Dynasty, coupled with the war- goddess Astart (Moore, Judges, 105-896; DB; EB).