AMMISHADDAI (ăm-ĭ-shăd'ī, an ally is the Almighty). Father of Abiezer, captain of the tribe of Dan in Moses’ time (Num.1.12; Num.2.25; Num.7.66, Num.7.71; Num.10.25).

AMMISHADDAI ăm’ ĭ shăd’ ī (עַמִּֽישַׁדָּֽי, Shaddai is my kinsman). The father of Ahiezer, a Danite leader in the wilderness journey (Num 1:12; 2:25; 7:66, 71; 10:25).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

am-i-shad’-i, am-i-shad-a’-i (`ammishadday, "Shaddai is my kinsman"): The father of Ahiezer, a Danite captain or "head of his fathers’ house," during the wilderness journey (Nu 1:12; 2:25, etc.).