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AMMINADAB (ă-mĭn'a-dăb, Heb. ‘ammînādhāv, my people are willing, or my kinsman is generous)

2. A Levite who helped to bring the Ark to Jerusalem in David’s time (1 Chron 15:10, 11) belonging to the sons of Uzziel.

3. According to the LXX (Esth 2:15; 9:29), Amminadab is the father of Esther. The MT, which has “Abihail” should be preferred here to the LXX.

4. According to 1 Chronicles 6:22, Amminadab is a son of Korah, one of Levi’s descendants, but this cannot be the correct text since Amminadab appears as the father-in-law of Aaron (Exod 6:23). In a list in 1 Chronicles 6 which is almost parallel is the name Izhar (vv. 38f.) which agrees with the genealogy in Exodus 6:18, 22. Actually, A and L of the LXX have the correct reading of “Izhar” (1 Chron 6:22).


E. L. Curtis and A. A. Madsen, ICC, Chronicles, 131-136.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`amminadhabh = "my people (or my kinsman) is generous or noble"): Three persons bearing this name are mentioned in the Old Testament.

(2) In the first Book of Chronicles (1Ch 6:22) Amminadab is mentioned as a son of Kohath (and therefore a grandson of Levi) and the father of Korah. But in other genealogical passages (Ex 6:18; Nu 3:19; 1Ch 6:2) the sons of Kohath are Amram, Izhar, Hebron and Uzziel, and in two places (Ex 6:21; 1Ch 6:38) Izhar is mentioned as the father of Korah.

(3) According to 1Ch 15:10,11 Amminadab was the name of a priest who took part in the removal of the ark to Jerusalem. He was the son of Uzziel, and therefore a nephew of Amminadab, son of Kohath (= Izhar).

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