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Ambrose Blaurer

1492-1564. Zwinglian pastor. Son of a member of the town council in Constance, Germany, where he attended Latin school, he went to Tübingen University (where he met Melanchthon*) and in 1509/10 he took orders at the Benedictine monastery in Alpirsbach, where he remained until, convinced by Luther's writings in 1522, he returned to Constance. In 1525 he began to preach in St. Stephan Church. Back in Württemberg (1534-38), his Zwinglian supper view and original tolerance for Anabaptists brought him into conflict with the duke. He preached in Augsburg in 1539, but his moralizing and adamant Zwinglianism brought disfavor. He returned to Constance, only to flee before the emperor's troops in 1548. The next years, embittered and pessimistic, he spent in Biel and Winterthur.