AMASHSAI (a-măsh’sā-ī). A priest of the house of God at Jerusalem under Nehemiah (Neh.11.13).

AMASHSAI ə măsh’ sī (עֲמַשְׁסַ֧י, prob. a text. error for עֲמָשַׂ֡י). A postexilic priest, of the family of Immer (Neh 11:13). KJV has AMASHAI.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

`amashcay, probably a textual error for `amashay; the ("s") implies a reading `-M-C-Y, based on a mistaken derivation from ’-M-C. The original reading may have been `ammishay; compare AMASAI): Amashsai is a priestly name in the post-exilic list of inhabitants of Jerusalem (Ne 11:13; Maasai, 1Ch 9:12); the reading in Chronicles is ma`asay, the King James Version "Maasiai," the Revised Version (British and American) "Maasai."