AMANA, AMANAH (a-mā'na, Heb. ’ămānâh, constant [?]). A mountain near Lebanon (Song.4.8), from which flow the Amana springs. (See Abana)

AMANA ə mā’ nə (אֲמָנָ֨ה). A mountain in the Anti-Lebanon range, near the course of the river Abana (called AMANA in a variant reading in 2 Kings 5:12; Song of Solomon; ASV ABANAH).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

a-ma’-na, (’amanah): A mountain mentioned in So 4:8 along with Lebanon, Senir and Hermon. The name probably means the "firm," or "constant." "From the top of Amana" is mistranslated by the Septuagint apo arches pisteos. The Amana is most naturally sought in the Anti-Lebanon, near the course of the river Abana, or Amana (see Abanah). Another possible identification is with Mt. Amanus in the extreme north of Syria.