ALTASCHITH (ăl-tăs'chĭth, Heb. ’al tashēth, destroy not). A title notation in Ps.57.1-Ps.57.11, Ps.58.1-Ps.58.11, Ps.59.1-Ps.59.17, Ps.75.1-Ps.75.10, rightly translated in NIV as “Do not destroy.” It may perhaps indicate the melody to be used (cf. Isa.65.8, where it is possibly a snatch from a vintage song). But David’s word about Saul, “Don’t destroy him” (1Sam.26.9), and the words of Moses’ prayer (Deut.9.26) both imply a spirit of trust in the Lord suited to the content of these psalms. The purpose of the title may, therefore, be to indicate the type of praise that follows. See also Aijeleth Shahar.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

al-tash’-heth, al-tas’-kith. See PSALMS; SONG.