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ALMODAD (ăl-mō'dăd, Heb. ’almôdhādh, the beloved). First-mentioned of Joktan’s thirteen sons (Gen.10.26; 1Chr.1.20). This Arabian name is preserved in El-Mudad, famous in Arabian history as reputed father of Ishmael’s Arab wife and as chief of Jurham, a Joktanite tribe.

ALMODAD ăl mō’ dăd (אַלְמוֹדָ֖ד). Eldest son of Joktan (Gen 10:26; 1 Chron 1:20). He prob. lived in the S of the Arabian peninsula, but the exact place has not been identified. The LXX has “Elmodad” (God is friend) in Genesis 10:26.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The first mentioned of the thirteen sons of Joktan (Ge 10:25-29; 1Ch 1:19-23). A south Arabian name, and pointing to a south Arabian tribe. See Abimael.