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The KJV of the following passages is misleading. Matthew 26:27 represents Jesus as handing the cup to the apostles and saying to them, “Drink ye all of it,” which seems to mean, “Drink all of the wine; do not leave any.” The Gr. word “all,” however, is in the nominative case, modifying the subject of the verb, not its object. Jesus therefore asked all of the apostles to drink of the cup. Other Eng. trs. make this clear; Tyndale, “Drink of it every one”; Geneva Bible, “Drink ye everyone of it”; Goodspeed, “You must all drink from it”; RSV, “Drink of it, all of you”; NEB, “Drink from it, all of you.” James 3:2 in the KJV says, “For in many things we offend all,” which seems to mean that in many ways we are offensive to everybody. The word “all,” however, is in the nominative case, not in the accusative, so that the passage really means, as the RSV has it, “For we all make many mistakes.”


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ol: Used in various combinations, and with different meanings.

(1) All along, "Weeping all along as he went" (Jer 41:6), i.e. throughout the whole way he went, feigning equal concern with the men from Shiloh, etc., for the destruction of the Temple, so as to put them off their guard.

(2) All in all, "That God may be all in all" (1Co 15:28, Greek: panta en pasin, "all things in all (persons and) things"). "The universe, with all it comprises, will wholly answer to God’s will and reflect His mind" (Dummelow).

(3) All one, "It is all one" (Job 9:22), "it makes no difference whether I live or die."

(4) At all, "If thy father miss me at all" (1Sa 20:6), "in any way," "in the least."

(5) All to, "All to brake his skull" (Jud 9:53 the King James Version) an obsolete form signifying "altogether"; "broke his skull in pieces."

(6) Often used indefinitely of a large number or a great part, "All the cattle of Egypt died" (Ex 9:6; compare Ex 9:19,25); "all Judea, and all the region round about" (Mt 3:5); "that all the world should be enrolled" (Lu 2:1); "all Asia and the world" (Ac 19:27); "All (people) verily held John to be a prophet" (Mr 11:32).