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ALEMETH (ăl'ĕ-mĕth, Heb. ‘ālāmeth, concealment)

A son of Beker and grandson of Benjamin (1Chr.7.8).Son of Jehoaddah (1Chr.8.36), Jarah (1Chr.9.42, jb, kjv, mlb, nasb, neb, rsv; Jadah niv).

ALEMETH, ALMON (ăl'ĕ-mĕth, ăl'mŏn, hidden). A priests’ city (Josh.21.18; 1Chr.6.60). It is the modern Almit.

ALEMETH ăl’ ə məth (עָלֶ֥מֶת, concealment). 1. A Benjamite, son of Becher (1 Chron 7:8; KJV has ALAMETH).

2. Descendant of Saul and Jonathan. His father’s name, Jehoadah appears in 1 Chronicles 8:36, and as Jarah in 1 Chronicles 9:42.

3. A Levitical city of Benjamin (1 Chron 6:60; ASV has Allemeth); called ALMON in Joshua 21:18.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`alemeth, "concealment"):

(1) the Revised Version (British and American) for Alameth of the King James Version in 1Ch 7:8.

(2) Descendant of Saul and Jonathan, and son of Jehoaddah, 1Ch 8:36, or of Jarah, 1Ch 9:42. The genealogies in the two chapters are identical, and he is the fifth generation after Jonathan.

(3) In some Hebrew texts, Ginsburg and Baer, for ALLEMETH (which see); so in the King James Version.