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AKRABBIM (ăk-răb'ĭm, Heb. ‘aqrabbîm, scorpions). A word always found with ma‘ăleh (mā'a-la), meaning “the going up to,” “ascent of,” or “pass.” So “Scorpion Pass” (niv), rising between the SW corner of the Dead Sea and Zin, was the southern boundary between Judah and Edom (Num.34.4; Josh.15.3) and the boundary of the Amorites (Judg.1.36). It was the scene of Judas Maccabeus’ victory over the Edomites. It is now identified as the pass Es-Sufah.

AKRABBIM ak rab’ im (עַקְרַבִּים, scorpions; KJV has MAALEH-ACCRABBIM in Josh 15:3). A mountain pass on the S side of the Dead Sea (Num 34:4; Josh 15:3; Judg 1:36). Identified usually with the modern Neqb es-Safa, but some suggest Umm el-’Aqarab, on the W side of the Dead Sea. At this pass Judas Maccabees defeated the Edomites (1 Macc 5:3), called Arabattine in the KJV, ASV; RSV Akrabattene.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(once in the King James Version, Acrabbim (Jos 15:3); `aqrabbim, "scorpions"): Three times found (Nu 34:4; Jos 15:3; Jud 1:36), and always with ma`aleh, "ascent" or "pass"; and so "Ascent of the Scorpions," an ascent at the Southwest point of the Dead Sea and a part of the boundary line between Judah and Edom. At this pass Judas Maccabeus won a victory over the Edomites (1 Macc 5:3), called in the King James Version, Arabattine.