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AKKUB (ăk'ŭb, Heb. ’aqqûv, pursuer)

Son of Elioenai (1Chr.3.24).A Levite who founded a family of temple porters (1Chr.9.17).The head of a family of temple servants (kjv Nethinim) (Ezra.2.45).A Levite who helped expound the Law (Neh.8.7).

AKKUB ak’ ub (עַקּוּב, H6822). 1. A son of Elioenai; descendant of David (1 Chron 3:24).

2. Name of a family of Levitical gatekeepers in the Temple after the Exile (Ezra 2:42; Neh 7:45; 11:19; 12:25; 1 Esd 5:28, KJV DACOBI, ASV DACUBI).

3. Name of a family of temple servants (Ezra 2:45; 1 Esd 5:30).

4. A Levitical expounder of the law (Neh 8:7; 1 Esd 9:48, ASV JACUBUS).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`aqqubh, "pursuer"):

(1) A son of Elioenai, a descendant of Zerubbabel (1Ch 3:24).

(2) A Levite porter on duty at the east gate of the second Temple (1Ch 9:17).