AHINADAB (a-hĭn'a-dăb, Heb. ’ăhînādhāv). A commissary officer of Solomon (1Kgs.4.14).

AHINADAB ə hĭn’ ə dăb (אֲחִֽינָדָ֥ב brother is noble). Son of Iddo; one of Solomon’s twelve officers in charge of the commissariat of the royal palace (1 Kings 4:14). His district was S Gilead and his headquarters, Mahanaim.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Decidedly the ordinary use of the stem nadhabh is to denote willingness rather than liberality or nobleness One of Solomon’s twelve commissary officers (1Ki 4:14). He was the son of Iddo, and his district was Mahanaim.