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AHIMAN (a-hī'măn, Heb. ’ăhîman, my brother is a gift)

One of the three giant sons of Anak seen in Mount Hebron by the spies (Num.13.22). The Anakim race was cut off from the land of Israel and Judah by Joshua (Num.11.21-Num.11.22). The three sons—Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai—were driven by Caleb from Hebron (Josh.15.14) and killed (Judg.1.10).A Levite gatekeeper (1Chr.9.17).

AHIMAN ə hī’ mən (אֲחִימַן, perhaps my brother is fortune). 1. One of the three sons of Anak (Ahiman, Sheshai, Talmai) living in Hebron when the twelve spies reconnoitered the land in the time of Moses (Num 13:22; Josh 15:14; Judg 1:10). They were so tall and strong that ten of the spies were terrified of them and persuaded the Israelites not to enter the land that God had promised them. Ahiman was prob. the name of an individual and of a clan or group of clans. The three clans were defeated by the men of Judah (Judg 1:10) or driven out by Caleb’s men (Josh 15:14).

2. A Levite in the postexilic period. He was one of the chief gatekeepers of Jerusalem (1 Chron 9:17).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’achiman, perhaps, "brother of fortune," or, "my brother is fortune"):

(2) A Levite, one of the gatekeepers of the latest Bible times (1Ch 9:17). He is associated with Akkub and Talmon and their brethren: compare Ne 11:19.

Willis J. Beecher