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(Gr. agnoeom, “to be ignorant”). Monophysite sect. The Monophysite* issue in the Eastern Church blossomed forth following the Council of Chalcedon* (451). Even though the Monophysites were agreed that Christ had only one nature and not two, they themselves divided internally into factional parties. The two most important were the Severians-from Severus, patriarch of Antioch-and the Julianists-from Julian of Halicarnassus. These split further into subdivisions. The Severians divided into the Agnoetae, sometimes called the Themistians, and the Theodosians. The Themistians-from Themistius, deacon of Alexandria-were known as Agnoetae because of their particular emphasis about Christ's nature: Jesus Christ as a man was not totally omniscient, but shared man's ignorance of many things. The strict Monophysites would naturally reject this view.

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