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AESORA ĭ sôr’ ə, KJV ESORA ĕ sō’ rə, (Αἰσωρά). A town on the borders of Samaria, mentioned along with Beth-horon, Jericho, Choba, and Salem (Judg 4:4). The location is uncertain, but it has been identified by some scholars with the Hazor of Joshua 11:1, 10; Judges 4:2, 17; and Nehemiah 11:33.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

e’-so-ra, the King James Version Esora, e-so’-ra (Aisora): A town in the borders of Samaria, mentioned in connection with Beth-boron and Jericho (Judith 4:4), and from this association we judge that it was in the eastern part of Samaria.